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Professional Cleaning For NY City Businesses
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We work with a variety of New York City-based businesses across multiple industries.  Clients include small to mid-sized professional offices, restaurants and cafes, and live performance theaters.  We have outlined our most popular commercial cleaning services below.  We provide a free on-site consultation for an informed proposal.  We will work with you to create the right cleaning service for your business. 

Cleaning and Janitorial Services to Meet Your Business Needs

General Cleaning

General cleaning of your office space will include the following:  vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, sanitizing and other light duty cleaning.  We cover offices and other types of employee work spaces, kitchens, bathrooms and common areas.  Our General Cleaning ensures a clean and sanitized environment for you, your employees and your clients. 

One Time Cleaning

Moving into a new space?  Need to move out of your old space?  One Time Cleaning ensures that your new office space is pristine to welcome you, and spotless when you're ready to leave.  One Time Cleaning includes thorough vacuuming, floor and interior window washing, dusting and sanitizing of all work spaces, bathrooms and kitchens.  We also include light stain removal.       

Prep For Occupancy Cleaning

The construction is now finished, but the layers of dust are hiding your brilliant new space.  Mr. Hudson's Cleaning Service will make your new space ready for business.  Our Prep For Occupancy Cleaning includes clearing of construction paper, deep washing of walls and interior windows and ceilings, and thorough cleaning and sanitizing of all areas.


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