About Mr. Hudson's Cleaning

Our Story

Founder and Managing Director, David Wiltshire-Craine, achieved successful careers in luxury fashion retail management and financial services at multi-national companies across 25 years.  As a busy professional with a demanding eye for detail, David was constantly seeking cleaning services for his home and company offices that matched his high standards for consistent quality, thoroughness and trust. 
Across these years, he also heard stories from colleagues, family and friends who shared his frustration and desire for high quality cleaning services that actually delivered their promise each and every time – not just on the first clean.  In 2012, David decided to create the kind of cleaning company he always wanted to find, and Mr. Hudson’s Cleaning Service was born.  
Many people ask where our name comes from.  Our inspiration came from a British TV show called Upstairs, Downstairs (before there was Downton Abbey, there was Upstairs, Downstairs).   The show featured the quintessential English butler named Mr. Hudson who was the very definition of service, with exacting standards and absolute discretion.  Mr. Hudson never missed a speck of dust and never compromised on his integrity to the families he served.   We aim to do the same for our clients and the families we serve.
Who We Are
Mr. Hudson’s Cleaning Service is a limited liability company based in New York City, NY.  We offer commercial and residential cleaning services in the New York City tri-state area, focusing on retail spaces, small to mid-sized professional offices, as well as busy families and individuals seeking consistently high quality, professionalism and premium service. 
Our Team 
At Mr. Hudson’s Cleaning Service, our goal is to ensure that your 100th clean is as good as your first.  We know through experience and research that many cleaning services do a great first clean but then allow the quality to plummet.  How many times have you felt like you’ve experienced a ‘bait & switch’?  How many times have you felt like you’ve wasted your money on a cleaning service – and now you have to clean behind them?
Consistently high quality starts with a thorough recruiting and training process.  We search for individuals who have an eye for detail, strong service orientation and pride in their work.  Our recruiting process also includes background checks, as safety and security of your home or office are foundational for any cleaning service. 
Our training curriculum is second to none, developed from experience and customer feedback.  Every team member must complete 3 months of hands-on training learning the basics of cleaning, product information, specialty care techniques for various surfaces and unique or delicate objects, and commonly missed areas. 
Training is ongoing.  Mr. Hudson's conducts on-site quality checks and client feedback is always appreciated.      
Our Contact Information
Call us at 646-369-0080 for an appointment, quote or information regarding our services.
You can also email us at Service@MrHudsonCleaning.com